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Why We Love Jessica Boncutter.

Protégée of London’s River Cafe and Judy Rodgers at ZUNI (at age 19).

Trail-blazing in Hayes Valley in 2007, Bar Jules was Jessica’s commitment to a neighborhood restaurant and was quickly named to one of Bon Appétit’s Top 10 New Restaurants.

Bar Jules was named after her beloved basset hound and was described as a “38-seat haven.” People raved about the chocolate nemesis cake.

Boncutter was 8 months pregnant when she closed the restaurant on April 5th “It’s nothing financial. Just a decision of mine.” She sold the location to Dominique Crenn and had a “really positive feeling about the whole thing. It felt right.”

Culinary Heroes? “Julia Child, Rose Gray and Ruthie Rogers from River Café, Judy Rodgers from Zuni, Carol Bever from Zuni.”

And she always has champagne in her refrigerator.

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