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Why We Love Sherry Yard

Sherry Yard was born in Brooklyn and worked in some of the country's greatest restaurants, including the Rainbow Room, Montrachet, Tribeca Grill and San Francisco's Campton Place, before landing at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in 1994. She has led Los Angeles in creativity with her amazing desserts and bread and mentored so many chefs who went on to open their own restaurants across the country (like Giada De Laurentiis, Karen Hatfield). Sherry Yard is widely considered one of America’s finest pastry chefs, winning the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in 2002 and being inducted into the James Beard Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in 2014. “Every member of the Who's Who has contributed in some substantial way to America's constantly evolving culinary scene.” As Wolfgang Puck said, “The main attribute that I always appreciated, from the beginning, was her enthusiasm and her spirit….she's not only a great pastry chef, she has an amazing passion for hospitality."

She spent 20 years at Spago - yup, all of the Governor’s Balls after the Oscars as well as the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards - and authored cookbooks including the award winning “The Secrets of Baking” (2003) which won a Julia Child Award and a James Beard Award and “Dessert by the Yard” (2007) which includes the story of her journey from Brooklyn to Beverly Hills. 

During her time between Spago and the re-imagining of Helms Bakery (the much-anticipated opening now in 2016), Sherry Yard generously gives of her time, her energy and her seemingly unending enthusiasm for all things sweet and delicious. She donates significant time and serves on the National Advisory Board for C-CAP, Careers through Culinary Arts Program, which provides career opportunities in the foodservice industry for underserved youth through culinary arts education and employment. C-CAP provides teacher training, cooking competitions for scholarships, job training and internships for outstanding students, college and career advising, reaching some 18,000 students annually in their classrooms.

Sherry Yard was the Executive Culinary Producer Top Chef Just Desserts and in 2014 was named Vice President of Culinary Development for iPic Entertainment Group. She has completely invented the idea of what movie theater concessions can be and theater-goers in Pasadena and Westwood are loving the luxury of iPic with the incredible menu crafted by Sherry.

The revival of the iconic Helms Bakery, a Los Angeles institution, might be the most ambitious food project in LA history. This landmark is located in West L.A. one block east of the MetroExpo Line. Closed since 1969 when the bakery shuttered and the fleet of yellow delivery trucks were taken out of commission, the new bakery will be housed in the original Helms complex in LA, now a campus of design and home furnishing stores, galleries and restaurants, including noted LA chef Sang Yoon’s Father’s Office and Lukshon. 

Helms Bakery will be a rocket ship when it opens. People have been salivating since 2014 and get their Sherry Yard fix at one of the many events that she participates in in the meantime: Los Angeles Food & Wine, The Farmers Market Dinner at City Perch and Tanzy Scottsdale and attending Chefs Boot Camp at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.

The 4,000 square foot space might finally contain the spirit of this pigtail-pink-chef’s-jacket-rock-star who makes people laugh and smile. It’s like her desserts. You just can’t get enough.

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