Anne Colvin

What is Your Favorite Food?
Anything Italian-- pasta, specifically.

What was Your Most Exciting Meal of 2014?
Such a tough call, so I have to call it a tie: A dinner with friends at Husk in Charleston, SC (I made the reservation months in advance) and my surprise 30th birthday dinner at (the now closed) Cicchetti here in Chicago. Both were fantastic meals accompanied by equally fantastic memories.

What is Your Favorite Cocktail?
The St-Germain Cocktail. St-Germain, champagne, club soda with a lemon twist = perfection.

Sweet or Salty?
Another tough call but for me it's got to be salty!

If not Chicago
, then Boston. I lived there briefly after college and have really fond memories of that little big city.

Best Health & Balance Tip (it is the New Year after all!).
It seems simple, but to find balance I say go with your gut and don't feel guilty about it. If you want to eat that cookie, then do it. If you're too exhausted to attend that event, then politely decline and get some sleep. Don't beat yourself up about it, but wake up tomorrow fresh and ready to conquer a new day.

#1 Reason Why Women Chefs Rock.
Women Chefs Rock because they do it all! They create, they execute, they manage... They are bosses in the best possible way and they somehow make it look super easy.

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