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Posted By - Kate Spencer On March 15, 2015


As a Minnesota native, I’ve always had that “Minnesota Pride.” We brag to anyone who will listen about how we are from a state that is progressive. We are not “Midwest” but rather “North” and are a hot bed for talent, creativity and equality in all arenas.

I am dumbfounded not only by the recent "covergate" surrounding the all-male chef cover of a local Minnesota magazine, but the response by the editorial team that suggests that somehow there was no responsibility to showcase all that the Minneapolis food scene has to offer.

Reviews and listicles are purely subjective and yet no one can imagine a situation in which the same magazine would run a feature on the “BEST BUSINESS LEADERS” or the “BEST DOCTORS” in Minnesota and then shrug when the photo ends up featuring only men. In their opinion this is the best food in Minnesota right now. There is no way that same defense could be used in other industries where women are struggling with the glass ceiling. Can you imagine? In our opinion, all of the best doctors/business leaders in Minnesota are men. Really?!

SO, what to do? COOKGIRL will continue to push our mission to promote and showcase and SHOUT about the amazing female talent in the food world in the United States. And then we will take it one step further and connect talent to money, because that’s when change happens.

It’s not enough to complain about people who simply don’t get it. Change should not be this glacial - - why is the food world so slow to figure it out? (Ok, maybe it’s not the only industry, hello TECH). We hope that the COOKGIRL FUND, with the first grants being given to three emerging talented women in 2016, will make a difference.

But first, in between our successful launch with THE CHICAGO PROJECT and before leaving for San Francisco on Tuesday for the beginning of THE SAN FRANCISCO PROJECT, we pause to celebrate THE MINNEAPOLIS PROJECT, adding to THE LIST amazing, successful, talented women who deserve the attention, many of whom wrote a letter in protest to the aforementioned local Minneapolis magazine.

The editor said many defensive things in response to the outrage, but COOKGIRL’s favorite was: “Well, it’s not that simple.” Sorry, yes it is.

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